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Inclusive Education
Sabtu, 22 November 2014 01:48

What is Inclusive Education and Why is it important?

Our Position

Community Living Ontario’s vision statement describes a community where the resources and supports will be available to ensure that all children “go with their neighborhood friends, to their neighborhood schools where they further their growth and development together.”

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Education is the cornerstone of a person’s citizenship. It is central to a person’s opportunities for employment and inclusion in society. Education will determine how a person contributes to his or her community.

Education is a right. Every child needs to share and participate in, benefit from and contribute to all aspects of school life. A child who has an intellectual disability is entitled to the individualized supports necessary to be included in regular classes and all school activities. Parents should have the opportunity to become true partners in determining and participating in their child’s education. Boards of education need to accept their obligation to meet these needs and ensure that every child’s rights are being respected.

Inclusion does not end after secondary school. Everybody should have the opportunity to pursue career goals and personal development in Ontario’s colleges and universities. With adequate supports, every student can be fully included in regular programs and have the opportunity to earn credits toward the completion of their diploma, certificate or degree.

Inclusion has a broad positive impact on all students. An inclusive education system provides all students with lessons in cooperation, consideration of others and respect for diversity. Opportunities to learn from,support and develop relationships with one another are not possible when students are streamed into separate classes. A fully inclusive education system reflects Canadian society as a whole and contributes to its betterment.


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